Safety Cutting System (SCS)

A combination of innovative design features which protect the operator during the cutting process and while performing routine maintenance.


  • Hinged, transparent front safety guard (locks during cutting process on manual cutters; electronically controlled on electric models) or front safety light beams
  • transparent safety cover on rear table (non- transparent on models 5550 EP, and 5551-06 EP)
  • main switch and safety lock with key
  • electronically controlled, true two-hand operation
  • 24 volt controls (low voltage)
  • patented IDEAL safety drive
  • automatic blade return from every position
  • automatic clamp return from every position (on cutters equipped with automatic clamps)
  • disc brake for instant blade stop
  • blade and cutting stick can be changed without removing covers
  • blade changing device covers cutting edge of blade
  • blade depth adjustment from outside of machine