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Tabletop bookletmaker featuring a compact design, easy operation, and fast production. 


The iBOOKLET has specially made heavy duty stapler heads that can staple up to 16 sheets with fewer jams and errors.EASY STAPLE LOADING
Reloading staples into a stapler magazine is quick and easy. Simply open the cover, pull the magazine, lift the plate and place staples.SETTING WITHOUT ANY TOOLS
The iBOOKLET requires no tools to change staple head locations. Stapler head locations can be chosen from 5 slots.

The iBOOKLET has a built in LCD counter that clearly shows job progress and settings. In case of an error, the icon based control panel clearly indicates what has happened (such as a paper jam or an empty staple magazine) which makes it easy to diagnose and resolve issues. This tabletop bookletmaker automatically adjusts stapling and folding position according to the selected paper size. It has standard paper size buttons such as letter, legal, ledger, etc. adding to the ease of use. If odd sized booklets are needed, custom paper length is programmable by pushing the FREE button, and the +/- buttons. The iBOOKLET has automatic mode and manual mode. In automatic mode, the sensor on the feeding section detects sheets fed and staples / folds automatically. In manual mode, it staples and folds sheets as soon as the START button is pushed. Count mode is selectable from addition and subtraction mode. After finishing a booklet, increase / decrease the number according to selected count mode. 3 modes can be easily switched: staple only / fold only / staple & fold. The iBOOKLET has a patent-pending stapling mechanism, which enables it to select ordinary clinch and flat clinch. Flat clincher makes booklets and documents beautifully finished and saves space. at 800 sets of booklets produced per hour, the iBOOKLET has the fastest production speed in its class. 

Dimensions (D x W x H), inches: 19.6 x 19.6 x 15.7
Shipping weight: 55 lbs.


Speed 800 sets/hr*
Sheet capacity Up to 16*
Paper size 4.3" x 8.25" to 13" x 18.4"
Paper weight 16 to 80 lbs.*
Staple modesaddle, side, corner staple
List Price US $1,999.00

*may vary due to variations in paper and power supply