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MBM Corporation and Lytrod Software Offer Streamlined Solutions

July 1, 2016, Carrie Ford, Advertising Manager

FAIRFIELD, CA and CHARLESTON, SC– July 1, 2016 - MBM Corporation expands its existing relationship with Lytrod Software to offer streamlined solutions that enable users the ease of use of Lytrod Software Vision Direct to prepare documents for fast and efficient finishing on the MBM Aerocut Systems.

Beginning July 1st, MBM Aerocut Systems* will ship with Lytrod VisionDirect Software. As part of this integrated solution, customers will receive a Lytrod tutorial of VisionDirect software and hands-on assistance to design their first personalized direct marketing piece.

Lytrod VisionDirect software simplifies the task of formatting and adding personalized information to business cards, post cards, brochures, and any direct marketing piece. Additionally, the intuitive wizard and extensive template library will offer users the ability to perform formatting and imposition tasks quickly and efficiently to maximize the Aerocut capabilities. The streamlined solution will allow customers to be more efficient in preparing documents for the Aerocut devices, while also having the ability to create more personalized and impactful documents.

About Lytrod Software
Lytrod Software provides technology and services that make creating the perfect document easy. For over 30 years we have been helping customers accomplish their personalized communications goals by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Our clients use Lytrod technology and the guidance of our Customer Success team to create the most effective and efficient personalized communications for their business needs.

About MBM Corporation
Headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, the MBM Corporation produces state-of-the-art finishing equipment for the graphics and printing industries. Whatever your security or print finishing needs, look to the Leader in Paper Handling Equipment for the products that keep you a step ahead.

*Bundle not included with Aerocut Nano