#0 MBM and Lytrod Announce VisionFocus for Aerocut Nano (orig) MBM and Lytrod Announce VisionFocus for Aerocut Nano

Joint Press Release

MBM Corporation and Lytrod Software Offer Streamlined Solutions

FAIRFIELD, CA and CHARLESTON, SC– November 30, 2016 - MBM Corporation and Lytrod Software continue to build on the foundation of their successful partnership by expanding the integrated hardware/software solution to new parts of the MBM Aerocut product line.

Since July 1, 2016, all MBM Aerocut Velocity and Aerocut Prime Systems ship with Lytrod Software VisionDirect. Customers have embraced the VisionDirect workflow and are benefiting from the productivity in designing documents for immediate cutting on Aerocut slitter/cutter/creasers.

Beginning December 1st, the MBM Aerocut Nano product will ship with Lytrod Software VisionFocus software. Lytrod Software is proud to announce its release of VisionFocus software, providing a user friendly and intuitive document formatting and data-merging document creation experience. VisionFocus Nano Edition will launch as part of the MBM Aerocut Nano integrated solution to support the refined template library of the Aerocut Nano.

VisionFocus Nano Edition simplifies the task of formatting and adding personalized information to Aerocut Nano preloaded template postcards and business cards. The streamlined solution will allow customers to be more efficient in preparing documents for the Aerocut Nano, while also having the ability to add addresses and post office required barcodes for outbound mailing campaigns.

About Lytrod Software
Lytrod Software provides technology and services that make creating the perfect document easy. For over 30 years Lytrod has been helping customers accomplish their personalized communications goals by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Our clients use Lytrod technology and the guidance of our Customer Success team to create the most effective and efficient personalized communications for their business needs. 

About MBM Corporation
Headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, the MBM Corporation produces state-of-the-art finishing equipment for the graphics and printing industries. Whatever your security or print finishing needs, look to the Leader in Paper Handling Equipment for the products that keep you a step ahead.