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There's been a major breach in the Houston area regarding personal information of patients.

According to a press release, Health and Human Services is notifying people about the accidental loss of protected personal information that may affect 1,842 people.

A box of client information was found near an unsecured dumpster at the E. 40th St. complex, which is an eligibility office.

The documents contain confidential information including names, client numbers, dates of birth, case numbers and phone numbers. Other potential information exposed includes mailing addresses, social security numbers, health information and bank account numbers.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is providing one year of free credit monitoring services to individuals who have been affected by this privacy breach.

When it comes to protecting your company, customers, and your employees, shredding sensitive data prior to its disposal is imperative. But shredding your data before it leaves the building is the only way to be absolutely sure it was destroyed prior to someone else seeing it.