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ADG Open House and BBQ

March 5, 2016, Carrie Ford, Advertising Manager

MBM Corporation was proud to welcome the American Dealer Group to Charleston on March 5, 2016 for an open house, tour of the facility, and BBQ. The southern hospitality proved to be an enjoyable time as many commented on their recent visit:

 “Hi Julie, It was a real pleasure; your open house was an open heart, warm and friendly event. I know that our entire group had the same feeling about the generous hospitality. I really enjoyed it and would like to thank you in person for getting out of your way to help me get to the airport in such comfort and ease. Our industry is often accompanied with some cold and very technical relations.  This approach adds more than a spice and adds a significant value to our working together. -Doron Zacharin, Presstech LLC”

 “Thank you so much for opening your building up to our group!  The information on your products was great as was the tour and the barbeque was outstanding! Thank you again for opening your facility to us on a Saturday. I am sure that this was a mammoth undertaking for you and your employees and we thoroughly appreciate it. It has opened my company up to doing more business with MBM in the future, beginning with this week and the tremendous special offer that you have made to our members. -Don Hershiser, ADG Vice President, President Graphics IV”

 “To Ned and all at MBM: Thank you again for your warm southern hospitality extended to the American Dealer Group.  It was definitely the highlight of our conference and I heard a TON of compliments from other members, and especially people who didn't know much about MBM. Thanks to all who took time out of there busy weekend to spend time with our group. Again, job well done! -Al Hillmann, President, Standard, Inc.”

 “Hi Mike, Thanks for the great afternoon at MBM. It was a nice idea to bundle our visit to MBM with the ADG Annual Meeting. I hope you pick up a few new ADG dealers. Food was great! Kathy and I were impressed that Wendy and your support team took the time to be there on a day off. Quite a testament to what you and Ned have put together. MBM events are always well done. -Gene & Kathy Brett”